Off to Bangkok, Thailand

Ron and I are spending a short weekend in Bangkok. We booked our flights through Jetstar and will be staying at the Amari Atrium Hotel. Our flight was a bit delayed and Ron couldn’t get online so was a bit annoyed while we were waiting in the terminal.

The Bangkok International Airport (BKK) is actually quite beautiful, lots of glass windows and has interesting decorations.

There is an extra 50 Bhat (THB) charge to take a taxi at the airport and the information desk said it shouldn’t take more than 400 THB to get to our hotel. Our taxi driver said we had to pay the toll which is 25 THB and we could just agree on 400 THB for the fare (plus the extra charge and toll, so total of 475) with no meter. We decided to have him turn on the meter and it took about 30 minutes to get to our hotel. The fare ended up only being 300 THB plus the 25 toll and 50 extra fare so over all it was still cheaper.

Our hotel room had some nice fresh orchids and large king sized bed.

Looks comfortable doesn’t it? It is…

After we checked into our hotel, we walked to the Petchaburi MRT station which is about 5 minutes away. Quite convenient. Plus it was only 22 THB per person so quite cheap (as compared to California were BART starts at $2 or $3 USD for the shortest trip).

We headed to the Suan Lum Night Bazaar at the Lumphini MRT stop.

We had some dinner first at the food stalls. We tried the oyster egg pancake (actually mini mussels I think).

Here is the finished pancake and a stick of beef tendon balls with spicy sauce. The spicy sauce was also sweet and sticky but went well with the grilled meat.

We enjoyed a bottle of beer for 50 THB (~2SGD).

We also had this clear glutinous rice ball filled with peanuts and some vegetable. I wasn’t sure how to eat it but since it was served with lettuce leaves, we wrapped it with the lettuce and ate it like a mushu roll. It was more salty than sweet.

Here’s the food stalls:

We went walking around the night bazaar but it seems like places were closing pretty early… maybe because it was Friday… inside we found something called the Beer Garden which seemed to have many types of imported beer but we were already too stuffed from dinner.

On the way back to the hotel, we had to haggle again with the cab driver and we paid 100 THB on the way back.

Parked in front of our hotel was a tour bus:

Funny huh?

Tomorrow we will do sightseeing then Sunday will be shopping before heading back to Singapore.

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