Sightseeing in Bangkok

I’m a bit tired so just going to share a little about our sightseeing around Bangkok today. We took a taxi from our hotel to Wat Pho (less than 80 THB on meter) and paid our 50 THB entry fee to see the Reclining Buddha. It is quite impressive.

With some perspective of how big it is:

Next we walked a bit to find some food before heading to the Grand Palace. On the way there, we caught a photo of this tuk-tuk carrying a lady with all here vegetables. Very impressive how much stuff they can fit on a tuk-tuk.

We stopped by a stall for a skewer which cost us way too much money (it was 15THB for 1, later we would find out they should only cost 5THB).

Later we had some seafood fried rice which I think they made the portion smaller for foreigners since for locals, they seemed to serve larger portions.

I had one of my favorite drinks, it’s a coconut milk with colored chewy things. May sound weird but it was very refreshing and I love to drink it.

We also shared a dish of fat noodles, also a bit smaller looking than the local portions… but it was enough.

After lunch we went to the Grand Palace to see the palace and Emerald Buddha. Although they had a cool replica of the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

Off to the Emerald Buddha, this is the temple that it’s housed in:

Unfortunately we’re not allowed to take photos inside so I don’t have a good picture..

We headed to the Grand Palace afterwards:

We then took a ferry to Wat Arun but got a bit lost along the way… we ended up at a pier too far and had to catch the ferry back and then take a “cross ferry” to Wat Arun.

We climbed to the top… here is me at the bottom.

Then we had to climb back down:

We had a quick ice cream:

Then headed to the Lumpini Muay Thai Stadium to watch some boxing. The tickets are quite expensive and you can’t get the cheap “Thai only” price. But do ask for a student discount and you can sit in the front rows (it’s still 1600THB). It was something interesting to see live.

We went to Patpong to have some dinner and do some shopping. We had this delicious noodle soup at a stall on the street.

We also had some takoyaki earlier in the evening in the Japanese part of town.

For dessert at home, we had a nice dish of local fruits.

For some more pictures of the day, take a look at the slideshow or click here.

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