Yum Yum Thai and Peaberry & Pretzel on Sunset Way

We had quite the dinner tonight. This was our second visit to Yum Yum Thai on Sunset Way near Clementi Rd. Joyce joined us this time for dinner because we both has this briefing meeting for next week’s new pharmacist pledge ceremony. It’s very similar to our “Oath of a Pharmacist” that we take during our first year of pharmacy school and at graduation except that this is a more formal ceremony. The ceremony is next Thursday so hopefully I’ll have some pictures then.

Anyways, for dinner, we had the traditional Pad Thai:

Fried vegetarian spring rolls:

Spicy chicken:

Pomelo salad (one of my favorites!):

Steamed scallops with chili sauce. This dish didn’t have much flavor and I didn’t really enjoy the chili sauce.:

Dinner was very filling but we saved room for dessert since while walking to the Yum Yum Thai, we spotted Peaberry & Pretzel and their desserts looked fabulous!

We had the fruit panna cotta, it was delicious!

Then something called “Super 7” which is 7 types of sorbet. From 12 o’clock and clockwise: lychee, mango, coconut, strawberry, lime, passion fruit, and dark chocolate.

Oh so good… we can’t eat like this everyday.

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