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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It’s been a busy few days as we have been out and about visiting others and having visitors come to see us.

Last Friday we took our first trip to the Chung grandparents’ house. We made a few stops along the way to pick up six orders of San Tung dried fried chicken wings and Zanze’s cheesecakeS!

After visiting at the house, we all had dinner at The Counter. It was too loud in the restaurant for Iris and had a hard time settling down after she woke up. Simon was also a little fussy because he did not nap during our drive to the peninsula. But we still had an enjoyable dinner.

I tried a bison burger on a ciabatta bun with Gruyere cheese, bacon, black bean and corn salsa, pickles, baby spinach, grilled onions, and garlic aioli. Yum yum! Their onion strings and Parmesan cheese fries were pretty delicious too.

We also had Zanze’s cheesecake with chocolate shavings for dessert back at the house to celebrate Auntie Betty’s birthday.
Happy Birthday Auntie Betty!

On Saturday, Caden and his mommy and daddy met up with us at The Original Pancake House for brunch. Seating time was reasonable, about 15 minutes, but service pretty slow. The kids got bored so they watched Disney Pixar Cars 2 on Ron’s iPhone. Look at that concentration…

But brunch was pretty amazing. I had the bacon pancakes and Ron ordered an omelette. The portions were huge so we had plenty to share with Simon and had leftovers for breakfast the next day. The bacon is a thick cut and with nice smoke flavor. The whipped butter and hot syrup complemented the pancakes well.
Thanks for coming to visit us and treating us to a yummy brunch!

Iris and I went out together ourselves in the late afternoon. It was a bit of a challenge since she does not enjoy the car seat and one of the wheels on the stroller locked up on me 🙁 But after working through a few times when Iris screamed in the car seat, we made it to two stores before heading home. She seems okay falling asleep in the carseat but the challenge is getting her to accept being buckled in then starting the car to get moving ASAP.

On Sunday we had my family over for dinner and had a delicious spread and enjoyable time. Ron cooked ribs, mackerel, hamachi kama, corn, mushrooms, and sweet peppers. My parents brought fried rice and chow mein. My brother brought a sashimi platter (SO good!) with edamame. Then we had another Zanze’s cheesecake for dessert which had their cherry topping. We were all stuffed!

“Happy Father’s Day” from Simon and Iris to Daddy Ron.

Iris slept through most of dinner but woke up a little after we finished to play with everyone. She seems to recognize faces and voices and will concentrate on the face of someone she doesn’t recognize. She has an inquisitive look when someone she is not too familiar with holds her. Thank you Auntie Kat, Uncle Jon, and Elyse for Iris’ cute outfit for the day.

After the busy weekend, I just wanted to stay home but Simon is always full if energy. He is signed up for day camp and it was his first day on Monday. It was a little hard for him to be dropped off and Daddy to leave but it seemed like he had fun after he settled down a little. I think the camp counselors helped by giving him a stuffed toy Triceratops to hold during the camp. I hope he will continue to enjoy it, socialize with other kids, and so help prepare him for school in the near future.


Simon received a special package in the mail all the way from Singapore. Thank you Nimisha and Nitin for sending Simon one of his new favorite characters, Qiao Hu!

Baby Iris was a bit of a sleepyhead. Probably recovering from all the weekend activities.
Simon is off at camp again this morning wearing his camp T-shirt.

Iris is sleeping again so finally found some time to post. This week we are going to try to get her to take the bottle. Right now, she only wants to drink from the breast and refuses the Dr. Brown’s bottles we have from when Simon was a baby. We borrowed some Born Free bottles and will see if she likes those instead. Crossing my fingers that she won’t be one if those babies that will starve themselves when I’m at work then breastfeed every hour when I get home… will update our progress as we go along.

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