Rainy day in SG

It started raining really hard today and for a long time. It’s the closest to “cold” that it gets in Singapore… so I was able to walk home. I didn’t really want to walk home but when it rains, the buses get packed, taxis are impossible, and the traffic is horrible. When I leaving work, I took a picture of the water running down the hill in the gutter next to the staircase… I was amazed at how much water there was.

I actually didn’t end up going home but meeting up with Ron to go have dinner and do some grocery shopping. We headed to IMM at Jurong East and ended up eating at their food court at some place called Spaghetti Too. I guess we were craving something besides Asian food.

Although the food was rather disappointing. I ordered a spicy thai salad ($3.50) with grilled chicken (an additional $1.50). It was more of a side salad than a salad fit for a meal. The thai part of the salad was only the dressing.

Ron ordered the carbonara which had 2 pieces of chicken and lots of mushrooms. It didn’t even really taste like carbonara sauce, more like creamy alfredo.

Since dinner wasn’t good we went grocery shopping and also treated myself to some snacks for the morning. There’s a store called Jolli Bean that specializes in soy milk (I think) and pancakes with filling.

Here is an example filled with green bean paste, a bit bigger than a hockey puck:

Plus they have the type filled with peanut butter, smells so yummy.

Can’t wait to have them for breakfast in the next few days. Yum!

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