Playing with his balls

Day 167

Dirty mind. What were you thinking? Simon is playing with golf balls!

Uncle William gave these to us last night so that Simon could play with them. Since he seemed to really like those round pieces of fruit, he thought Simon would like golf balls and they’re not perishable.

Simon’s legs are getting stronger by using this jumper to exercise. It will play music when he moves, it stays quiet when he just stands there.

Simon practicing his professional photo pose. Looks a bit serious doesn’t he?

Now not so serious here. A good way to practice his stomach muscles though when he wants to get up. Assisted stomach crunches.

Another of Ron’s ways of keeping Simon occupied with his toys. Biggie Pooh to prevent Simon from toppling forward and the Boppy to prevent him from hitting the back of his head then all his toys in front of him so that they’ll stay there rather than being tossed around.

Lately Ron and Simon have been coming to pick me up after work. Usually Simon has had an exhausting day so is asleep in his car seat. I love his little chubby hand and fat wobbly cheeks. I tried to open his little fingers but his hands were clenched tight. I wonder what’s so stressful in his sleep that he can’t relax?

Here is Simon exercising his voice, talking to “da-da”.

I wonder when “ma-ma” will come…

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