Simon and Simon

Day 166

Today we went out for dinner for Grandma Chung’s birthday. We wanted to try something new so I found Wasiiki Peruvian Restaurant in San Mateo. Yesterday, I was able to easily book a table for 9 adults on Opentable.

We got Simon dressed up for the outing. His OOTD is a Tigger tank top that says “Hug Me” and Paul Frank pants.

Simon hadn’t slept much during the day so was exhausted by the time we put him in the car to drive over to the restaurant. Auntie Betty gave Simon a new toy! Simon the Chipmunk!

For dinner, we had the chicken, shrimp, and beef skewers. Unfortunately they were out of the beef heart skewers, apparently delicious so sold out. Check out the big piece of corn at the top, kind of starchy but in a good way.

These are sliced potatoes with a creamy sauce and some sort of olive drizzle. Simple but good.

The ceviche, what a huge portion! We ordered two nonetheless. Had a really good tangy taste and very fresh seafood.

I had the pescado a lo macho, a white fish fried (I think) with shrimp, calamari, clams, and mussels with a little bit spicy and creamy sauce. Served with a bowl of rice. It was yummy but I was so full from the appetizers already so took half of it home.

This is the seco. Highly recommended by most Yelpers. A braised short rib with cilantro sauce. The sauce was delicious but the piece of meat I tried was a bit dry. There were only two portions of this left so the table shared one portion and Grandma Chung had her own.

Ron had the half rotisserie chicken with salad and fries. You better be really hungry to order this because it is large half of a large chicken.

Everyone else ordered the two steaks on the menu and they all seemed to enjoy it, especially the one with the fried egg on top. It was a quiet night there it seems, only two other groups of patrons were there while we were there. The food is good though and unique so I think we will probably be back. I can still taste that delicious ceviche…

After dinner we went back to the house and had cake. A green tea mousse with red beans. Yum.

Uncle Henry being silly… Simon paying him no mind.

Simon had a fun time playing with some apple pears from the backyard. They were all on a plate and he was trying to pick them up or scoop them into his lap. Perfect size for his little hands but not small enough to fit into his mouth.

Ron trying to teach Simon a new trick… to hold his bottle with his hands AND his feet… little flexible monkey he is.

Simon was out way past his bedtime and didn’t want to eat his dinner while we were having dinner so he’ll probably take a day or two to readjust to his regular schedule. It’s amazing how little things can affect him so easily.

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