Regulating Body Temperature

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yesterday it was warm in the house and little Iris seemed to get overheated. She started out with this outfit in the morning.

It is a thicker cotton but with it being sleeveless and still a onesie, I thought it would be fine but still changed her out since she was sweating. So this is her in a Hello Kitty tank onesie. She was much more comfortable the rest of the day and didn’t want to be swaddled. Some days she has trouble regulating her body temperature. Like her legs and feet turn a purplish bluish color when they are cold but once you put on a pair of socks, they return back to pink fleshy color.

I got to read Simon his bedtime story and sing his bedtime song since Iris was sleeping. He rewarded me with his “Big Cheese!”

Today I received a really big hug and Simon said “I love you a ton!”

This picture pretty much sums up Iris’ day, big yawns leading to a lot of sleeping.

Today, I ate a lot of medicinal chicken soup which has lots of herbs and is also made with rice wine. Some of the alcohol probably passed through into my breastmilk and made her sleepy all day. It also made me sleepy as I took a two hour nap with her this afternoon.

Iris is getting a little double chin. She’s also starting to get more “rolls” on her arms and legs.

Cozy and snug as a bug in a rug. Today she seemed on the colder side and wanted to be bundled up.


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