Pretty in Purple

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Simon’s lunch of pizza rolls, fries, mango, and a fortune cookie. So Simon only ate the “beak” and the “butt” (that’s what he said) of the Peep. I guess he doesn’t like it which I’m surprised because he loves regular marshmallows. Well, more for me!

This evening we had a dinner in Oakland Chinatown that Grandpa Tam invited us to. Grandma Tam had come to our house during the day to watch Iris so I left work early to pick up Simon and pick up Grandma Tam to bring them both to the dinner. Iris all dressed up pretty in purple.

Iris and Simon were both well behaved during the dinner. Simon just got a little bored near the end so he watched a movie on my phone.

We stayed out quite late and didn’t get home until almost 10pm. Both kids were exhausted so we quickly put them to bed.

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