Simon’s Favorite: Skipper

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Simon’s lunch of salmon and carrot sushi, strawberries, clementines, Whopper eggs, and Peep. For some reason he didn’t eat the Peep yesterday but he wouldn’t tell me why so I packed it again just in case. He might not want to eat it because it’s cute or because he doesn’t like it. Those are usually the reasons he won’t try something but he wouldn’t/couldn’t tell me when I asked.

Simon’s favorite thing to draw these days is Skipper from Disney’s Planes. This is his interpretation which he incorporated into his artwork at school today.

Iris playing the drum.

Iris excitedly climbing towards me.

Simon playing with LEGOS in his room.

Grandpa Chung bought him a large LEGO set to build a plane so Ron and Simon have been working on it almost every night after bath time before going to bed. It’s been good to teach Simon patience for looking for certain pieces and also that sometimes not everything can be done right away, that it takes time to build something so complicated.

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