Pudding Pillow

Day 126

Simon is losing a bit of his hair on the back of his head.  Ron keeps on trying to convince me to get Simon’s hair shaved off… but I don’t think it will look very pretty and it won’t help him grow his hair thicker.  But my mom did bring back this pillow from her last trip, it’s this yellow puppy head that has a space for the baby’s head so hopefully it won’t get flat.  When we put him to bed last night, he grabbed a hold of an ear.


During the day, he seemed a bit attached to it and continued to play with it.  Notice Winnie the Pooh has been kicked to the curb…


Hopefully not picking up the bad habit of picking his nose… actually he’s sucking his finger.


Daddy changed his clothes and publicized that Simon is available… any cuties out there interested in a cute single guy?


He’s a big drool-boy… look at those dark spots, all drool.


He might like French food in the future… frog legs, yum!


Or else exotic food… like elephant?


Naw, actually, he’s snoozing and heading to dreamland…

But Simon still prefers to be wrapped up into a burrito to sleep.  Sometimes he starts whining and fussing and all he really wants is to go to sleep but he doesn’t know how else to tell us.  It can be frustrating but eventually we figure it out and he figures out he’s tired and he’ll take his nap.  Since Simon has started rolling around, Ron found a way to block him so he won’t roll off the edge.  He used our sofa cushion on top of a chair so Simon won’t roll off the chaise.  But we still feel uneasy about it unless we’re watching him every second so we put him back into his own bed for naps when we aren’t able to watch him.


He’s still not sleeping through the entire night, he will wake up once to eat and the time varies now, it ranges from 2-5am so is a bit more unpredictable.  We’ll have to figure out what to do about it soon… but the last few days he seems like he has been eating more to make up for his lack of appetite over the weekend.  He has plenty of reserve but I can’t stand to hear him wailing.

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