Sai Jai Thai Delivery

One of the best things about our new apartment is all the great food nearby and lots of them deliver. We’ve had some bad food too but one of our favorites is Sai Jai Thai. We’ve eaten in the restaurant before, you can read about it here.

You can find their menu here and delivery is free and usually delivered within 30 minutes.

From 12 o’clock and clockwise: green beans and tofu, red curry with duck, pork shoulder, and pad see ew with chicken. We’re convinced that when you order pork shoulder for home, the portion is bigger than in the restaurant.

Sai Jai Thai

1 thought on “Sai Jai Thai Delivery

  1. jon

    looks good, will have to give it a try now that you’ve told me parking does indeed exist in the nob. manora’s thai is pretty good too over in the mission end of soma.

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