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Simon’s 1st vacation: Southern California – Day 3

Day 68 (Mother’s Day)

For lunch we went to Daikokuya, a Japanese ramen joint highly recommended by many friends that they have excellent tonkotsu ramen (pork bone broth).  They open at 12pm on Sundays and we arrived at 11:40am and there were already two other parties waiting.  As we were waiting for the doors to open, a line continued to form, maybe 10-12 other parties.  When they did open, they were ulatra efficient.  They seated everyone then one waitress came to take drink orders then food orders and the cooks started to cook so everything came out quickly.


We ordered the ramen, one bowl regular and one with kotteri broth (more fragrant, made with pork back fat).  One was a combo with the shredded pork bowl.  The ramen was so yummy!  I usually do not to drink the broth but this one I wanted to drink it all… but was too full so couldn’t.  The shredded pork bowl was interesting, sort of like the grilled eel sauce on pork.  It is worth waiting in line for this ramen.



After lunch, we headed to The Grove and The Farmers Market.  It was probably a mistaken to go so soon after lunch since we were stuffed but we just walked around and explored.  The Farmers Market is sort of like a food court with many different food stalls.  We walked around The Grove shopping center to make ourselves less full for Bennett’s ice cream.  They were doing a promotional event for the movie Despicable Me so we got our picture taken against with this backdrop.  Simon is yawning as he had just woken up.


There were also this little people dressed up as the minions in the movie.  Kind of hilarious.


After working up a bit of an appetite, we went back for ice cream.  The top is cabernet sauvignon sorbet and the bottom is peach ice cream.  The cab sorbet was yummy and refreshing.  The peach only so-so.  Simon looks like he wants some, doesn’t he?


We drove to Pasadena to have dinner in the evening.  We tried this place called Daisy Mint that was recommended by Betty for their Daisy Noodles.  So we ordered the duck roll, kind of like mushu skin wrapped duck.


This is the Daisy Noodles.  It is sort of drenched in a sweet coconut curry-like sauce.  It tasted good except the noodles were congeeled together so hard to separate to eat.  It was like they let the noodles sit in the pot too long and they got all stuck together.


We also had the Green Jungle curry with chicken.  It also had eggplant, green beans, green and red bell peppers.  Nice and spicy.  Served with brown rice.


The restaurant closes at 9pm but they let us stay there until 9:45pm.  They have this little back patio with heat lamps which was nice since it seemed quieter than inside the restaurant.  Once again, Simon slept through dinner.  I hope this is a pattern but I doubt it.  He got extremely fussy before we left for dinner and was screaming and wasn’t easy to calm down.  He had been sleeping before we arrived to the hotel and I suggested to Ron to move him from his car seat to the bed to be more comfortable.  Bad idea as he woke up and started screaming.  We know never to do that now, just leave him to sleep where he is sleeping.  He eventually calmed down and fell asleep again but spent quite some time whimpering.  It makes me so sad when we can’t figure out how to make him content again.

Oh yes, it is Mother’s Day!  We didn’t really celebrate since Ron says that it is Simon’s job when he’s older.  I look forward to receiving my first Mother’s Day wish from Simon.

Three Outfit Changes

Day 64

Simon has a lot of outfits and he makes good use of them.

This morning’s outfit while he is taking nap.  Looks like those good luck cats (Maneki Neko) in store windows… I beckon you!


In the afternoon he changed into this Paul Frank onesie and had a thoughtful conversation with Tweety bird.


We were going out to meet Auntie Vicki at the mall and Simon got a little too excited and dirtied himself so once again, another change of clothes.  He is wearing his red robot shirt and we are walking down the street with Simon checking out the tall buildings.



Our first stop was Juicy Couture where he soon feel asleep.  I bought him/myself a tiger charm.


After a bit more shopping, we had dinner downstairs at the thai place, green papaya salad and pineapple fried rice with chicken.  The green papaya salad was yummy and just enough spice (we asked for medium) and very refreshing.  The fried rice was decent although a bit dry and I did not like the raisins (but that’s just me).


Thank you Auntie Vicki for dinner!  I’m glad Simon decided to wake up a bit since everyone usually thinks he just sleeps all the time.

Vicki and Simon May 6 2010.jpg


Sai Jai Thai Delivery

One of the best things about our new apartment is all the great food nearby and lots of them deliver. We’ve had some bad food too but one of our favorites is Sai Jai Thai. We’ve eaten in the restaurant before, you can read about it here.

You can find their menu here and delivery is free and usually delivered within 30 minutes.

From 12 o’clock and clockwise: green beans and tofu, red curry with duck, pork shoulder, and pad see ew with chicken. We’re convinced that when you order pork shoulder for home, the portion is bigger than in the restaurant.

Sai Jai Thai

Neecha Thai Cuisine

Our friends were visiting from LA so they invited us to join them for dinner this past Saturday. Funny enough, the restaurant they chose is about 3 blocks from where I work but I’ve never been there. They used to live in the area so they said it was their favorite Thai restaurant in the city.

Ron and I shared three dishes. First up was the “muk krob” which is a deep-fried battered calamari cooked in a secret house sauce with crispy red onions and topped with deep-fried Thai basil. It was crispy, sweet, sour, gooey… yummy! You probably wouldn’t have known it was calamari but the sauce was so good, I don’t think anyone would care.

Special eggplant: eggplant, prawns, chicken and pork sauteed with jalepeno peppers, red bell peppers and Thai basil in a secret house sauce. I love most eggplant dishes and this was no exception.

Moo Gratiem: BBQ pork marinated in Thai herbs and garlic served with a spicy chili sauce. This was a bit too sweet for me but not bad overall.

I would definitely go back there again, it was quite reasonable for the amount of food we had. For our three dishes plus rice, I think it came to $35. We were stuffed.

They also have a location in Oakland, see their website for more info.

Neecha Thai Cuisine
2100 Sutter Street

Sai Jai Thai Restaurant and busy day…

I’m tired and the weather wasn’t pretty today. At least I didn’t have to go to work so we had time to do some fun stuff today.

Our friend Susan is getting married so she invited me to go with her and friends for wedding gown shopping. She made an appointment at the Bridal Galleria in Embarcadero since they were having a Lazaro trunk show. I never did the bridal gallery type of wedding gown shopping so I was excited to go.

I took the Muni to the Ferry Building and had a very entertaining ride by our bus driver. We (Ron also decided to go downtown to work) took the 38L which passes by the Mervyn’s on Masonic and the bus driver was like “our next stop is Mervyn’s and Best Buy. Mervyn’s is going out of business so they’re having a big sale! So go check it out!” A few people chuckled on the bus. He had different comments for almost every stop. The only problem was that when I got to the back of the bus, I couldn’t hear him anymore and sort of overshot by stop by one and had to backtrack to the Ferry Building.

As we waited for Virginia, we got in the long coffee stand line. We had to fortify ourselves with Blue Bottle Coffee before heading to the bridal gallery.

The staff there was very helpful and the designer was there! I was excited to see all his beautiful gowns and it was fun to see Susan trying them all on. I was shocked because I didn’t expect Susan to actually pick a gown but she chose a very elegant gown. Seems like today, many of the brides who came in actually bought their wedding gown… there was a woman next to us who was having trouble breathing after she chose her gown.

That appointment took almost 3 hours so I was starving by then so I went with Virginia to meet up with our SO’s since they were together. We ended up going out for late lunch, early dinner at Sai Jai Thai Restaurant which is in the Tenderloin. It’s a bit of a sketchy neighborhood but the food is really good. There was some guy harassing a woman outside of the pool hall that was only a few doors down, he was cussing her out in front of the place… a bit scary to just walk by so I don’t think I’d frequent this place after it gets dark.

Dan and Virginia love this place so they did the ordering. We had the papaya salad with the salty crab. This was super spicy! But very yummy. The salty crab was a bit weird though, kind of sweet and savory. Dan says it’s been fermented.

We also had the red curry with chicken. It was spicy but also sour so it cut the edge off the papaya salad. It went well with some rice but we think next time we order red curry to choose beef instead.

Lastly, the famous pork shoulder. The crispy edges are really good and the dipping sauce makes the dish.

After our meal, we headed back home to rest then went out again to our friend Dwight’s housewarming and birthday bash. It was good to catch up with new and old co-workers but now I’m exhausted.

Sai Jai Thai
771 O’Farrell Street (b/w Larkin & Hyde)