Shopping Day

March 17, 2011

Even though we woke up early, Ron and Simon needed another nap before heading out for lunch.

We had lunch with Ron’s INSEAD classmate Charles, his wife Iliana, and their daughter Eva. I downloaded this photo from their Facebook. I hope they don’t mind I borrowed it 😛

After lunch, we went in search of things for Simon. We ended up at Marina Square where they have a store called Mothercare and also lots of other children’s stores on the third floor. One of the stores even has a play area full of plastic balls for kids to play in while their parents shop. Simon enjoyed it.

There is also a small playground inside that has a jungle gym of sorts. Then we ended up walking around to Raffles City, City Link Mall, and all around that area looking for more things for Simon. We lost track of time so I missed the talk at the National University of Singapore that I was going to attend. We also had a terrible taxi driver who didn’t know how to get to the condo and drove us around in circles and still tried to overcharge us. So since I missed my talk, we went to dinner with Peai Tean, Ray, and Reuben at Jurong Point at Fish & Co. I had one of their specials where you get two types of fish and pasta.

Ron ordered the crawfish pizza.

They ordered the platter for two.

It was way too much food for all of us even though Simon had some. He only like the noodles and some pizza crust. He got a little seaweed on his nose so that’s not a dirty spot on my camera lens, it’s actually his dirty little nose.

After our dinner, we met up with Patrick and Pearlyn at one of the food courts downstairs. Patrick moved to Singapore last year to be with his wife and I was supposed to meet up with them at the talk but since I missed it, they kindly drove out to meet up with us. We had dessert while they had dinner. We only had a short time to chat but it was good to catch up. They even gave us a ride home, we are ever so thankful.

Simon and I konked out for the night.

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