Shecky’s Girls Night Out

Tonight went to hang out with the girls at this event called Shecky’s Girls Night Out which was at Fort Mason’s Herbst Pavilion. For a $15 ticket (discounted from $35), you get a free goodie bag at the event. I bought tickets last month so have been looking forward to seeing what goodies were in the bag. Otherwise, admission is free with registration.

Upon showing your ID at the door, you sign in at the registration table and get your ticket for the free goodie bag. You get a wristband that you have to wear throughout the event. We headed first for their beverages, good thing we did because shortly after, the lines started to form.

We took this pic but honestly did not drink them all. The pink one is something called X Rated Fusion which was actually pretty good, a mix of vodka, blood oranges, mango & passion fruit flavors. The green one was a midori margarita and too strong for us to drink. They also served beer and had a tasting of Budweiser Chelada, Budweiser + Clamato. If you like a bloody mary, then you might like this, it tastes like tomato soup!

I didn’t end up buying anything at the event but there were a lot of nice jewelry booths, just didn’t find something I thought was worth the cost. I did pick up my goodie bag which included random things: M&Ms, Luna Bar, free romance novel, toothpaste, tampons, microwave brownies, aspirin + caffeine pills for headache, etc. Very random and not sure it was worth the $15… but maybe something in it will come in handy… we’ll see.

Afterwards, we went to dinner at Doobu in Japantown. I think I’ve been there like five times already, it was perfect for the windy chilly night.

Had the fried tofu salad. Nice light vinegar-like dressing but only tastes good once fresh or else the breading for the tofu gets soggy.

Bulgolgi.. steaming hot.

Combination soon tofu.

We ended up chatting until the restaurant closed. Tiffany is moving to Lancaster in a few weeks to be with her hubby so it’ll be one of the last times we’ll get to hang out in SF while she’s still here. She’s offering me some of her stuff so that she won’t have to drive it down there and so we can stock up our apartment with missing things (like a toaster oven!). We were also giving Kat wedding tips for her upcoming wedding early next year.

It was a good evening with good friends.

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