Shopping in Bangkok

Today we woke up early and checked out of the hotel to catch the free shuttle to Chatuchak Weekend Market. It was really HOT! But only if you were standing directly under the sun, inside was tolerable because a lot of people have their own portable AC units.

We had some lunch at one of the shops. We had the green papaya salad, fried noodles, and fried pork sausage.

The way they cut the papaya is interesting. It’s hollowed out and then they use a chop vertically multiple times then shave it to make thin slices. It’s yummy stuff.

The market had some cool stuff.

We left the weekend market for more conventional malls and had a small snack at one of the food courts. They give you this card with a 1000THB limit and you go from stall to stall to order your food and you pay as you leave.

Ron had a pad thai tostada.

I had the mango and sticky rice.

While walking from mall to mall, we walked place these shops that do eyelash extension so I had it done just for fun.

What do you think of my (temporary) new look?

After that we went to Pantip Plaza to shop for movies before heading back to the hotel to pick up our luggage. We ended up hailing a tuk-tuk and bargained for 80THB to our hotel. The guy kept on trying to convince us to pay him 90THB but we told him we’d get off if he kept on pestering since we only got on because he agreed to 80THB.

We headed to the airport for our flight back to Singapore.

On one last note, pharmacies in Thailand are the same as most other pharmacies but you can buy a lot of medications without a prescription. They’re behind the counter though so you need to talk with the pharmacist.

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