Simon Day 19 – Pho Tan Hoa and Sunbathing in Union Square

Ron and I took Simon for a walk around our neighborhood. We went for lunch at Pho Tan Hoa, my first bowl of pho since Simon was born. Yay for me!

It was yummy since I hadn’t had a bowl in a while but it seemed a bit expensive. For two bowls of pho (one small and one medium bowl) and one iced coffee with condensed milk was $19.95. I was full when we left so the portion size is good. But $8 for a bowl of pho and even their spring roll appetizer (4 pieces) was $8 (so we didn’t order them) seems a bit pricey.

After lunch, we took a little stroll with Simon. We had to navigate around Glide Memorial and through the crowds that were out during this beautiful day in San Francisco. We ended up at Union Square, sitting underneath an umbrella and catch some rays (although not direct sunlight since Simon’s skin is still very sensitive) and absorb some vitamin D.

Simon has been really good on our outings, mostly because he sleeps through them. He seems to be lulled to sleep by the ride in the stroller. We just really needed to get out of the house for some fresh air since we have been cooped up in the apartment.

My parents came for a short visit this evening so we took some more pictures. Here are his cute little feet, all healed after his multiple punctures for blood tests while in the hospital.

Since Simon slept so well during the afternoon, he hasn’t been sleeping well during the evening. Apparently my dad has a calming effect on children so Simon quieted down and eventually fell asleep. But we caught one photo where he stopped squirming for a second. It seems like his hair is growing pretty quickly, when do babies need their first hair cut?

Pho Tan Hoa
431 Jones Street

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