Simon Day 20 – Daly City Outing

Simon decided this morning that he wanted to eat at 2:30am, 5am, 7am, and 9am this morning so I didn’t really have a restful sleep. I eventually got to take a nap but that made us late getting out of the house. Apparently while I was napping, Simon wanted to eat again at 10:30am so Ron went ahead and fed him with some of the breast milk I’ve been storing in the freezer. Simon’s pediatrician recommended that we bottle feed him once a day so that when I go back to work, the transition won’t be too awkward. Plus it’s a good way to give him his vitamins (by adding it to the bottle). His pediatrician also recommended we give him daily vitamin D supplements since he probably won’t get enough vitamin D from the sun. We are giving him Enfamil’s Tri-Vi-Sol (without iron) which has Vitamins A, D, and C.

But as we were getting to leave, Simon decided to wet himself (and his clothes) and since his hair seemed a bit oily, we just decided to give him a bath. He wasn’t amused. Do you think Simon looks really serious, really constipated, or just really cranky?

We needed to go out today because we were running out of diapers. We had a small supply from the hospital and received some at our first baby shower but didn’t have enough time to order them online plus we were looking for the Pampers that we used at the hospital. At Kaiser Redwood City, they use Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers which have the unique feature of a wetness indicator, a yellow stripe that turns blue when wet. According to, the wetness indicator feature was recently discontinued so I didn’t want to order from them so we wanted to find them at either Target or Babies”R”Us.

But since we were so delayed in getting out of the house, we decided to go have lunch first at In-N-Out.

Unfortunately, Target did not have the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive in Size 1 so we went to Babies”R”Us and found what we were looking for, at least for now. Apparently, Pampers is discontinuing the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive and replacing it with Pampers Dry Max so we’ll have to see what we’ll do after our supply runs out. Another shopper said the Dry Max works well, apparently it makes liquids into a gel (like the Huggies we have) so prevents leaks better… but the Huggies we have still leak so not sure what to make of that. I hope the effort we took to find these Pampers will be worth it. They just seemed to work well in the hospital, seem softer, and the wetness indicator was very useful.

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