Simon Day 30 – Thinking of the beach?

Looks like Simon is having a pleasant sleep… maybe he’s dreaming on relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sun, and drinking a Kahlua with milk cocktail? 😛

Actually this picture was taken after we had taken a shopping trip to Macy’s to buy some kitchenware (thanks to the GC given to us by Ron’s cousin) so we had stayed out for about 2 hours. Once we arrived home and Simon was no longer feeling the air on his face and the bumps of the stroller, he woke up fussy and hungry. After he finished eating, he seemed to be having a difficult bowel movement because he was straining and crying. He was crying enough to make himself completely red-faced. He continued to cry after we changed his diaper after his successful bowel movement… then promptly fell asleep. I never knew pooping could cause a baby so much pain… We wonder if it may have been more difficult this time because he had been sitting in the stroller seat too long, all scrunched up, so his poop could not move freely through his intestines?

At least he looks happy in his sleep 🙂

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