Simon’s 1st vacation: Southern California – Day 4

Day 69

It is our last day in Southern California, our last day to enjoy some good Chinese/Taiwanese food.  It seemed like Simon had a good night’s rest so was active this morning.  He’s all smiles!


This onesie is from Auntie Betty.  “I still live at home”… obviously!  But hilarious!


For lunch we went to Arcadia to SinBala for some Taiwanese food.


Their menu includes many variations of Chinese sausage.  We ordered one with basil (and some sweet sauce) and one with wasabi.  Basil was delicious.  Wasabi was interesting… but pretty good.



This is spicy dry wonton.  I didn’t like this because I didn’t think it had much flavor, just kind of bitter with red chili flakes.


My favorite ba-wan.  Not enough filling in my opinion but decent.


Green onion pancake.  Very crispy, yet oily.  Not much green onion flavor but the crispiness made up for it.


I forget what this is called, a steamed dish with meat, mushrooms, boiled egg, and a salty sauce.  Ron’s favorite but not something I like that much.


After lunch we went to visit  the California Institute of Technology since we had never been on the campus before.  I had seen it earlier off the freeway so just wanted to check it out.  When I was in high school, I really wanted to go there since I was getting really into computers and they had an excellent student to professor ratio.  Sadly I was rejected but it was all for the better.  Berkeley was great and it is where I met to love of my life and now we have Simon!


An interesting feature at the school is this pond made up of stones from one of their old buildings.  It has turtles and koi plus a few ducks.  The turtles were coming out of the water to sunbathe as the weather was getting warmer.


Our last stop before heading home was Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain in Pasadena.  The nerdy pharmacist in me just wanted to check out a traditional pharmacy and soda fountain.  It actually wasn’t what I expected.  The pharmacy is in one part of the store with a small OTC retail section.  The soda fountain is in the front, right at the street corner with a retail section of things like Curious George, Betty Boop, cards, books, candies, etc.  We decided to sit down anyways and have a malt shake: pistachio nut.  One shake was enough to split into two glasses so Ron and I shared.  It was nice and creamy, delicious fresh whipped cream, but not super spectacular and a bit expensive ($5.95).  Maybe I had my hopes too high.  But now I can saw I’ve been to a traditional pharmacy and soda fountain.


We decided to leave in the afternoon since I think all of us were tired and ready to be home and rest.  Simon seems to do great in the car, I wonder how he will be on a plane?  That will be his next vacation when we go to Hawaii in October.

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