Taylor Creek and Swimming

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Morning breakfast. I love these silly faces.

Iris is adventurous, always trying to climb on top of things and explore. Always got to keep an eye on this one.

Also always trying to drink my drinks. Here she steals my (empty) coffee cup.

Since there wasn’t much snow anywhere yet, we decided to go for a trail walk. We figured we would visit the creek where we saw salmon on a previous visit. It’s a nice and easy path so great for kids and strollers.

It was a beautiful day.

We made it to the creek and saw lots of ducks out and about.

Her smile is so fun. (We will have to start working on her “gentle” smile eventually.)

Ron and Simon got up close and personal with the creek and the few salmon and ducks.

Iris just loved walking and checking out the cool carved benches.

After our walk and lunch, we headed back to the hotel and decided to take an afternoon dip in the pool. The kids usually have swim lessons on Saturday morning so we thought we’d keep the routine. The pools are heated plus they have hot tubs. Both were excited.

Iris finally got to use her Hello Kitty floating car that Grandma Tam brought all the way from Hong Kong.

Both kids loved splashing their Mommy and Daddy.

Simon got some good swim practice of his breathing, strokes, and kicking.

Iris even got some practice floating on her back like we learned last week in swim class.

We also practice blowing bubbles. She was not hesitant about putting her mouth in the water, I’m glad she’s not scared.

After about 8 months of lessons, Simon’s confidence level with swimming has increased a lot and seems like he’s paying more attention and eager to learn.

After a while, Simon, Iris, and I ended up in the hot tub to warm up while Ron stayed in the other pool.

Iris and I went back a bit early while Ron and Simon did more swimming. After showering and a change of clothes, we went out for a walk and a snack at Starbucks. Coffee for the parents and cookies for the kids.

Strike a pose! (copying Daddy’s “hands behind the back” walk)

So ends a good day in South Lake Tahoe.

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