Wheezing and trip to pediatrician

Day 302 = December 29, 2010

Simon made this funny sour face this morning. At least I know he can pucker up, maybe we can teach him to “blow kisses”?

He didn’t seem that interested in eating this morning. He preferred to play with the lid of his snack container. He has also stopped taking food from a spoon.

In the afternoon, Ron went with Simon to his parents’ office to pick up some frozen breastmilk. With Simon being sick and his loss of interest in food, he seems to be drinking more milk and my milk production has also decreased. I’m glad I was able to store quite a bit in the early months but I’m afraid that will run out before his first birthday… but we’ll see. We’ve used up all our supply in our freezer so Ron went to get more from their chest freezer. But while there, Ron noticed that Simon had some wheezing so he called the Kaiser advice nurse who recommended Simon be checked out so set up an appointment in the late afternoon for Simon. At the pediatrician’s office, he weighed in at 22 lbs! It’s really time to upgrade his car seat. He’s almost grown out of the weight limit of the infant car seat. At the doctor visit, Simon’s oxygen saturation was still 100% so the wheezing wasn’t his breathing, more likely just congestion and phlegm. His lungs sounded fine so the doctor just recommended to continue with the cool humidifier, saline nasal rinses, and use the bulb syringe even if he protests. I’m sad that my little man is still sick. I wish I could teach him how to blow his own nose and how to cough more productively. Though I am glad that he hasn’t had a fever at all and still seems pretty active.

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