Star Trek Movie Date at Tanforan

Ron and I had a movie date to see Star Trek. We had some time to kill beforehand so went to get a little snack at Wetzel’s Pretzels. These are cheese sticks, it cost about $4.

The powdered cheese was kind of stinky. I was a bit disappointed, especially since I know how easy it is to make pretzels… but it was a good snack.

The movie was great. A bit corny but believable in how they portrayed all the classic characters.

Afterwards we picked up dinner at Saigon Cuisine inside the mall. I tried their Bun Bo Hue (the spicy broth with pork blood). It was good in most respects, the noodles were the correct thick rice noodles, there was actually pork blood in it, and lots of yummy vegetables. I would only complain that it could have been a tad bit spicier but it’s the closest thing I have found to the one I used to eat in Stockton.

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