Taiwan Restaurant Take 2

This weekend, we visited Taiwan Restaurant once again for breakfast. Ordered some of the old and some new things.

You tiao, fried dough stick. It was kind of cold and a bit chewy..

Ron contemplating the rest of the menu…

Something known as a petal bun, Ron says it’s hard to make since it’s flaky and requires a lot of lard to make it. He says he wasn’t very good though. I don’t like them so didn’t try it.

Hot soy milk with sugar being added.

A bowl of noodles with some ground meat, bean sprouts, and the tea egg. The tea egg was the best part.

Green onion pancake, looked deep fried rather than pan fried. Nice and hot, a bit chewy so was nice.

I think we’re learning we don’t like this Taiwan Restaurant as much as the one in Berkeley for some reason. So I’m not sure if we’ll be coming back again unless we really have a desperate craving.

Taiwan Restaurant
445 Clement Street

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