Neecha Thai Cuisine

Our friends were visiting from LA so they invited us to join them for dinner this past Saturday. Funny enough, the restaurant they chose is about 3 blocks from where I work but I’ve never been there. They used to live in the area so they said it was their favorite Thai restaurant in the city.

Ron and I shared three dishes. First up was the “muk krob” which is a deep-fried battered calamari cooked in a secret house sauce with crispy red onions and topped with deep-fried Thai basil. It was crispy, sweet, sour, gooey… yummy! You probably wouldn’t have known it was calamari but the sauce was so good, I don’t think anyone would care.

Special eggplant: eggplant, prawns, chicken and pork sauteed with jalepeno peppers, red bell peppers and Thai basil in a secret house sauce. I love most eggplant dishes and this was no exception.

Moo Gratiem: BBQ pork marinated in Thai herbs and garlic served with a spicy chili sauce. This was a bit too sweet for me but not bad overall.

I would definitely go back there again, it was quite reasonable for the amount of food we had. For our three dishes plus rice, I think it came to $35. We were stuffed.

They also have a location in Oakland, see their website for more info.

Neecha Thai Cuisine
2100 Sutter Street

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