Three Outfit Changes

Day 64

Simon has a lot of outfits and he makes good use of them.

This morning’s outfit while he is taking nap.  Looks like those good luck cats (Maneki Neko) in store windows… I beckon you!


In the afternoon he changed into this Paul Frank onesie and had a thoughtful conversation with Tweety bird.


We were going out to meet Auntie Vicki at the mall and Simon got a little too excited and dirtied himself so once again, another change of clothes.  He is wearing his red robot shirt and we are walking down the street with Simon checking out the tall buildings.



Our first stop was Juicy Couture where he soon feel asleep.  I bought him/myself a tiger charm.


After a bit more shopping, we had dinner downstairs at the thai place, green papaya salad and pineapple fried rice with chicken.  The green papaya salad was yummy and just enough spice (we asked for medium) and very refreshing.  The fried rice was decent although a bit dry and I did not like the raisins (but that’s just me).


Thank you Auntie Vicki for dinner!  I’m glad Simon decided to wake up a bit since everyone usually thinks he just sleeps all the time.

Vicki and Simon May 6 2010.jpg


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