Burma Superstar Oakland

Day 48

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I bought some cookies from The Bread Garden Bakery in Berkeley. From left to right, peanut butter, chocolate chip with walnuts, and something called “Crispie” (there is a dime at the bottom to show the size). Of the three, my favorite was the peanut butter cookie since it had delicious PB taste and was fabulous with a glass of cold milk. The Crispie was an interesting cookie, I think it may have tasted better freshly baked as it seemed a bit chewy, but that could also be due to the sugary sticky coating on the outside. The almonds were great on top though.

Here is Simon having Tummy Time!

Oops! Face plant!

For dinner, we met up with Dylan, Erica, and their almost 9 month old Maddie. We had a nice dinner at Burma Superstar in Oakland. The restaurant is on the smaller side but were able to accommodate us in the back table where we could put 2 infant car seats and 4 adults. It was our first time actually eating at a Burma Superstar; our past experience was with take-out from the San Francisco location.

White sangria with fuji apples, strawberries, orange, mint, and lychee. Light and refreshing.

This is the rainbow salad (mixed up already) which has 22 different ingredients. It was quite strong on the fried onion and garlic flavors and I think it was more of a noodle salad than a green salad.

Firey Vegetables with Tofu. It wasn’t overly spicy and I love the green beans cooked just right with still that lingering crisp.

Two portions of brown rice topped with fried onions.

Side order with garlic noodles. Yum!

Eggplant with garlic sauce. The leftover sauce went well with the brown rice.

Last but not least, lemongrass salmon. Delicious basil and fresh salmon.

To say the least, we were well fed and had a great time catching up. We talked a lot about our babies and now Ron and I have some more ideas of what to expect as Simon grows up since they’ve already experienced it.

After we got home from dinner, relaxing at home with mommy.

Looks like he might have some big feet!

Mochi and Misu are becoming more affectionate with each other. They seldom groom each other so seem to be doing it more. Poor things don’t have as much attention as they used to.

Simon asleep for now…

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