Tony’s Cable Car Restaurant

I had a craving for burgers tonight. Ron says because I’m low in iron so my body is sending me signals to eat red meat.

Anyways, we decided to try Tony’s Cable Car Restaurant which is a few blocks from where we live. The burgers were fresh and hot and the onion rings crispy and oily… yum… (and ick at the same time).

I had the sauteed mushroom burger. It was so thick I could hardly fit it in my mouth to get everything in one bite. By the end it felt apart and I had to eat it in pieces.

The onion rings were freshly fried and a bit oily but yummy.

Ron had the rib eye sandwich. The meat was a bit tough but a good sized sandwich.

We shared a banana shake. Hit the spot at the end of the greasy meal.

This place is much better than McD, BK, Jack, etc. The burgers were freshly prepared and still had a good amount of fresh vegetables inside, makes you feel sort of healthy still 😛

Tony’s Cable Car Restaurant
2500 Geary Blvd

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