Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Golden Era Vegetarian, and The Hidden Vine

So we had a busy day today although still had time to nap in between 😛

We went to the SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market for the first time.

There are beautiful fruits and vegetables and lots of sampling!

We bought some yummy cheese.

And got some delicious fruits: pears, pluots, and lemon cucumber.

We met up with Virginia and Dan at the Blue Bottle Coffee Company kiosk for a cup of coffee.

A delicious latte.

There was a free apple cider demonstration. It was very yummy.

It was a beautiful day.

At dinner time, we met up with some friend we made in Singapore. They live in Southern California and were visiting SF for the weekend. They arranged to have a group dinner at Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant. The food is Asian, mostly Vietnamese and Thai flavors.

This was the crepe.

Steamed fish that you wrap in rice paper. The texture was kind of chewy, not much like a fish. It was wrapped in seaweed to stimulate skin.

We had a variety of other dishes, the best was the Gourmet Chicken (lemongrass) which had a nice texture and well seasoned. Surprisingly the meal was very filling even though the portions weren’t that large, I guess soy is dense.

After dinner we walked over to The Hidden Vine. It’s a small wine bar which was very cozy. I had the dessert wine flight, 3 1 oz portions of your choice for $14.

Look at all our wine glasses!

It was a good day, I hope to visit the Farmers Market again soon!

Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant
572 O’Farrell Street

The Hidden Vine
1/2 Cosmo Place at Taylor Street
620 Post Street

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