Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant

Had dinner in SF Chinatown this weekend at Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant. We ordered three dishes:

Salt & Pepper Shrimp

Ong choy stir fried with green chilies and fermented bean curd

Oxtail clay pot

The oxtail clay pot was the best dish of the meal. The sauce was very yummy over rice and the oxtail meat was tender and surrounded by well marinated tendons and fat. Probably not very healthy but delicious if you like oxtail.

After dinner I cheated on my cats and hung out with two other cats. This is Macintosh who is the friendlier of the two. He took a cat nap with me and came eagerly with the shake of the cat treat package.

This is SpyderCat, the more aloof of the two but he also sat next to me while I was watching TV and was grooming himself. I found his sitting position quite funny, like he was trying to sit like humans do (when in actuality, it was so he could groom his stomach).

Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant
960 Grant Ave (at Jackson St)

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