Misu Vet Visit #2

So Misu went to the vet today to get his nasogastric feeding tube checked out since it was starting to come out after the suture broke. The vets tried to push it back in and added another suture so it would stop moving but it’s still sticking out a bit and preventing him from really eating regular cat food. Everytime he leans down to eat, the tube presses on the bottom of the plate or food and hurts his nostril… oh well, we’re giving him the calories he needs for now. It seems like he’s improving, the jaundice is much better, his ears are less yellow and he went from 8.8lbs on admission to now 10 lbs in less than a week! The vets said he still looks a little bit dehydrated so we were instructed to give him a bit more water each week. He’ll go for another check-up sometime next week.

We took the cone off for about 10 minutes to clean it up and he seemed to really enjoy the time with it off. I was scratching his head all over and he was lolling his head around and trying to get me to scratch his ears, while Ron was washing the cone. If only we knew he wouldn’t scratch at it then we could leave the cone off… hopefully only a few more weeks of it after he gains back his weight and can eat on his own.

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