Mother’s Day

We went to Dublin to have Mother’s Day dim sum and tried some interesting dishes.

Here is a taro bun with salted duck egg. Just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness and the bread so fresh and delicious.

This is a breaded fish wrapped in noodles. This is a version of zha liang except stuffed with fish. This has to be eaten really hot or else the breading gets soggy. Great with the sweet soy sauce provided.

After lunch, I went to my parents’ house to do laundry. I really really really miss having our own washer and dryer. It was so nice to use theirs, they just seem so much stronger than the ones in our apartment, the clothes come out cleaner and the dryer works so much better.

While washing and drying, I played with Happy. She loves her Loofa dogs. She chews on the squeaker until she gets it out then removes all the stuffing while she’s at it. She is very happy, so cute!

Here she looks like an evil dog…

Next time I go to Pet Food Express I’ll have to get her more of these Loofa dogs, in the 2 years my parents have had Happy, she’s gone through at least 10 of them…

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