Nike Women’s Marathon Run Club & Misu

This morning was the kick-off of the Nike Women’s Marathon Run Club at Little Marina Green. I entered the lottery back in March and our group got chosen to run in the race. I haven’t done any running or any real training and haven’t been to the gym in almost a month. So I didn’t know if I’d survive today. The event started at 8am but prior to that they had some booths for trying on Nike shoes and snacks. Today’s run was 2 miles and they had pace runners for different times, I think they started at 7 minutes, 30 seconds up to 12 minutes and walkers (per mile). I tried the 11 minute, 30 second group but couldn’t quite do it but will try to work on it. I can home exhausted and napped until lunchtime. My legs are noticeably sore already…

I think the Run Club is open to everyone so check out their website. If you go to enough of them and get their “punch card” full, you can have the chance to register for the sold out race or if you’re already registered, to gain access to the VIP area on race day. You get to try out their Nike shoes and their product called Nike Plus, which allows you to track your running progress in a fun and easy way with your iPod.

Update on Misu, we’ve been allowing Misu to go without his plastic cone so that he can be more comfortable and he is very good and doesn’t try to scratch at his NG tube. Ron said the only time he saw him fiddling with it was when he was grooming himself and wanted to groom that side of his face.

We tested him out on the TarePanda plush that Tiff gave us and he seems to really like it. I have to admit it is pretty comfortable, sort of like a memory foam pillow. After feeding him, I’ll put him on it and he’ll stay there for a long time. At least until he needs to use the bathroom, wants some water, or until we sit down because then he prefers to sit in our lap.

Misu without his plastic cone on.

Unfortunately he did vomit again yesterday after lunch so we decided to feed him less since we had also increased his water intake. It just might be his stomach is way too full. He seems to be okay after his late meal tonight so we’ll see how he does.

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