Shin Toe Bul Yi

We went over to Tiff’s apartment to pick up her microwave and toaster oven since she’s moving and won’t have enough room for all of her stuff. To take a break from packing, we went out to dinner at Shin Toe Bul Yi on Taraval. We’d been there two or three other times before.

We tried some new dishes this time. Tiff and her roommate told us about their special house pancake. Apparently they used to serve with along with any meal along with their tofu soup but along the way, they stopped. Their “house pancake” is thinner and lighter than their other pancakes. It’s so good, we gobbled up two of them.

We ordered something else called spicy chewy noodle. The noodles are pretty al dente and served with the spicy bean sauce, cabbage, some other veggies, and an egg. It’s a bit weird as a dinner item since it’s cold, I think it’d be better as a lunch dish. (Sorry for the low resolution camera phone photo, I accidentally changed the settings.)

Patsy joined us for dinner too and suggested we try their sea bass dish. It looks like a mess of goo since it has bean sprouts and some green veggies with a spicy sweet sour sauce on top of the fish. We are guessing it’s a Chilean sea bass or something very similar since the fish is very tender and sweet. I’d go back to eat this again.

After dinner, we went back to Tiff’s place to pick up the microwave, toaster oven, some dishes, a foldable table, floor mats, and a huge Tarepanda plush to see if the kitties would want to sleep on it.

We’re sad to see Tiffany moving but we’re going to LA in a few weeks for a wedding so we’ll be able to see each other again soon.

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