Shin Toe Bul Yi

Our friends K&J are back from their around-the-world tour and have moved back to SF. We went out for dinner at Shin Toe Bul Yi. I’ve heard good things about the restaurant so it seemed like a good time to try it.

My favorite item of the night was the green onion pancake. Ron says it tasted good because it had lots of egg. All I know was that it was yummy.

We also had steaming bowls of seafood tofu soup and beef tofu soup. They also have the rice sticks with spicy sauce. The tofu soups weren’t spicy enough for us. They had plenty of yummy side dishes.

We barbequed at our table on a gas powered grills. We had the pork belly and the beef. The beef was different than we expected, it was like a pieces of a thick steak sliced rather than the thinly sliced bulgolgi.

We had a nice chat about some of our adventures over the past year. I’m glad they’ve come back and am looking forward to their wedding 🙂

Shin Toe Bul Yi
2001 Taraval Street
(between 30th and 31st Ave)

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